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Playing in the Park – Madrid, Spain

Hey out there to all who purposefully come to this site, and those who just so happen to stumble upon it while trying to type in the right url. Today was my family’s first full day in Spain, or as they say it here, Espania! We are not quite used to the new time zone yet, but I’m sure we’ll get used to it! Today we tried to tour Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. We saw the outside, but we failed to take the tour because we got there 45 minutes late. But my family decided to cheer ourselves up by walking to Retiro Park. We went into Zara, shopped around, and then walked down the road to the Park. We ate dinner ate a cute little cafe, then found a boating pond! We had so much fun. My sister even faced her fear of row boats! Today was an amazing day, and I can’t wait for many more. Until I blog again, adios from Madrid!