Our final day in Madrid, Spain



Hello fellow users of the internet. Thanks for coming to We’re On Vacation! Today was a very fun day. My family went to the Royal Palace of Madrid. Not only has it been the home of the royal family for many generations in the past, but it is still the current residence of the Spanish royal family. I enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful frescos on the ceilings, the amazing tapestries on the walls, and the beautiful display of the throne, crown, and scepter used for coronations and other very important ceremonies. We then went to a cute little cafe, and I tried paella for the first time! It was really good, and I can’t to try all different kinds!


We then visited the oldest restaurant in the world. It’s been open since the 1700’s! As soon as we finished our detour, we hopped in a cab and successfully toured the stadium of Real Madrid!


!  It was really cool to see old team photos, all of the trophies, and we even got to see the visiting team’s locker room.


We finished off the day at a burger restaurant called Alta Burgersia, just a 10 minutes walk from our hotel. All in all, today was a great last day in Madrid, and I can’t wait for the fun adventures waiting for us in Barcelona. Adios amigos!


All over Madrid in a day


Hola from Espana! How are all of you in Texas doing?  We are on an adventure for the next two weeks or so. Tomorrow, we are going on a train to Barcalona, but lets not talk about what we are doing tomorrow, lets talk about what I did today! First thing is first, today I went to the Royal Palace. It was beautiful! I liked it more than Versailles! We saw a bunch of places in the palace, like the throne room, the royal dining room, the courtyard, the palace gates, the dressing room, the royal armory, and much more! After all of that learning and exploring, it was time to eat. I had chicken with something I had never tried. Paella. I love paella!



Well now I do. Next we toured the Real Madrid F.C. stadium. Even though I HATE Christiano Ronaldo, I have to say, it was cool! We toured pretty much all the highlights of the stadium, but not all of them. We got fans from a street vendor for 2 euro each! I used mine so much, it broke about 6 hours after I got it.


. I was very sad. But to cheer me up, we got burgers for dinner! My burger had bacon on it! It was good and my fries were crunchy and yummy! That meal was amazing for it being in Spain! I hope to see you back in Texas! Bye!